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Welcome to the HD Labels frequently asked questions page or FAQ for short. Here we’re going to try and build a list of questions & answers for you to refer to when you need a quick answer. Perhaps out of our working hours. If there are any further questions you have feel free to call in or email us on 01264 335118 /

Label Printer FAQ’s:

Q: What is the difference between dye based and pigment inks?

A: Dye based inks a lot more vibrant than pigment inks as they work with a smaller drop size so you can get more colour and definition to your print. However dye inks aren’t UV secure or water resistant. If you are looking for durability then pigment inks are for you. A pigment ink isn’t effected by water, chemicals or sunlight. You still can print full colour but not to the quality of a dye ink. For more information or samples of both to compare contact one of our team.

Q: What is Memjet?

A: Memjet is a print technology used by industrial printers. Memjet printers are more expensive to initially purchase but the running costs are very low and the quality is very high. Memjet printers print at either 6 or 12 inches per second at a resolution of up to 1600dpi in full colour. If you are mass producing digital labels then you should consider Memjet Technology.

The Memjet printhead is fixed and doesn’t move back and forth during printing. It’s 220mm wide with 70k nozzles so the material just spools out from the front of the printer at high speed as the ink is just released as the material passes underneath the printhead. Another term used for Memjet is Waterfall Technology due to how quickly the material is printed.

Label Finisher FAQ’s:

Q: What is a Label Finisher ?

A: A Label Finisher is a machine that takes pre-printed labels on a continuous roll of material and then cuts them out to any shape or size needed. You can add lamination before the cutting and then the waste material is stripped and the labels are slit into individual rolls ready for application. There are two types of cutting mechanism used in label finishers. They either use knife or die cutting.

Label Applicator FAQ’s:
Label Print Service FAQ’s:


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